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Introducing the ultimate mobile app for new ways of living

We offer a new way of finding and offering apartments in big cities. Easy with our app. Secure with our system.


Powerful Features As Always


Piol brings the power of social media to housing! Connect to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to create connections and learn more about your future roommates,tenants or landlords..


No fees, no membership, find or offer housing at NO cost and save money!


Everything is managed on the app! Create your profile, put your search criteria, start swiping and communicate through in-app messaging! It’s fast and simple.


You will know who you’re dealing with. Avoid scams, fakes listings and fake profiles, search and find housing safely!


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David I. Hayes

I've downloaded this app . According to in- dividual assessment It's a good app, simple interface, easy to use, thanks admin . I would recommend it to friends and family

Joseph P. Solorio

Before finding a home for me was a nightmare. its very difficult and expensive with the city I am liv- ing.But since using this application that has com- pletely disappeared. Everything is extremely sim- ple,just creat a profile and choose the prefer- encess.Which I have found friends in the same room and wonderful. Very good..

William S. Jacobs

I tried this app once before and at first glance it wasnt the best however I decided to use it again as I had a room available and I got consistent in- terest in the room and was able to find someone to apply within a few days.

Carlos M. Delvalle

Sometimes we can't find a good place for rent, so there you go, thanks to this app you can find places in your are, see photos of the property and much more.

Claud L. Eidson

Best app for finding an apartment. PIOL is a great idea for those who want to find a good place for accommodation. Highly recommend it!

Carlos E. Bouldin

Good functions and the filters. Fast and useful support. I found my room through it and I will use it everytime when I am searching for place to stay or look for flatmates. Thank you for your work : )

James L. Hannah

This app is a must-have if you want to find rooms for rent. You can also rent your spare room and share expenses. Highly recommended!